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Our Mission

Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world with open hearts, open minds, and open doors.

Our Vision

Believers United and Motivated by Jesus Christ to engage with the presence of God and draw ALL people closer to the Divine through the expression of God’s love.

Ministries at BUMC

At BUMC we believe in three core areas of Ministry
1. We strive to go out of our door and engage with the community with events and activities
2. To show hospitality to our neighborhood by bridging the gap between our church and our community with services and programs
3. To create greater love and family-ties with one another which encourages involvement in the church.

4 Fold Ministry of Jesus

At BUMC we try to filter all of our ministries through the call of Jesus from Luke 4:

Preach the Gospel: Does the ministry tell the story of Scripture, Jesus Christ, and/or the Church, and does it help us define our place in this story?

Bind the broken-hearted: Does the ministry provide an opportunity for individuals/families to receive help, love, & guidance in times of hurt, grief, and/or pain & trauma?

Set-free the oppressed: Does the ministry provide relief, counseling, practical opportunities to improve an individual/family’s life?

Declare the year of the Lord’s favor: Does the ministry speak the truth about the Divine Creator, their love for humanity, and their acts of love that have made it possible to conquer sin & death, in this life and the next?
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